A Complete Guide for Marketers about Facebook Video ads

A Complete Guide for Marketers about Facebook Video ads

It is a great way for grabbing the audience to your video ads. With the help of Facebook video ads, you can take the attention of the audience to your side. You can also grab their awareness to yourself by a perfect video ad on Facebook. You can increase traffic on your Facebook, conversion, and much more about the brand that you are trying to do.


Facebook is a platform where you can build your business free of cost. There is nothing any kind of restriction for you while adding a video ad on Facebook. There are most of the benefits of Facebook. Lots of people take benefit of Facebook. Most people work online with the help of Facebook.

Benefits of Facebook for Businessmen

It is helpful or beneficial for business purposes. With the help of Facebook, you can spread your ad with the help of posting and messaging. You can post in a group and then people will come to your post and comment on them. You have to read the comments and should satisfy the customer or clients.

For starting your business or starting marketing on Facebook, you should join the groups and post in groups about your work. You should write on your post and then you should upload your post to the group. Like it, you can post on the different groups that you joined on Facebook.

Benefits of Facebook for normal persons

In the above, we have described the benefits or advantages of Facebook for businessman or business purposes. Now we are describing the benefits of Facebook for a normal person. A person can contact his beloved one and is able to chat or call his beloved one such as parents, family, and friends. You can share your pictures with your friends or family for free of cost. You can take pictures and also make videos. After taking the photos and making the videos, you can upload them on Facebook. You can contact your beloved one on a voice or video call through the messenger.

Advantages of Facebook

There are lots of benefits of Facebook, few of them are explained below;

  1. Facebook helps a user to build his online brand. The user can make an online brand to earn money from home or from anywhere.
  2. It helps the user or person for forming professional bonds between the competitors.
  3. Facebook helps the person to offer life advice
  4. With the help of Facebook, a person can build meaningful friendships with new people.
  5. Due to Facebook, changes preconceptions
  6. It could help a person for a job. A person can find a job on Facebook.
  7. You can find opportunities for finding the best jobs candidates.
  8. Facebook helps to increase productivity.

Types and placements for Facebook video ad

First of all, it is very important for knowing the different video ad types and different video ad placements. The types and placement of Facebook video ad, you can easily create. The placements of Facebook ads may be performed differently and also vary the cost. So that is good for knowing what is going for working great and perfect for your campaign.

In the following, there are a few of the points or tips for the video ad on Facebook;

  1. feed video ads of Facebook
  2. In-stream video ads of Facebook
  3. Video ads of Facebook
  4. Marketplace video ads in Facebook

Feed video ads of Facebook

This is the type where you can see most often that are ads that appears right in the feed. The feed ads of Facebook may be single image ads and carousel, collection video ads.

An example of feed video ad in the Facebook

Here is the example of Facebook feed ads that we discussed above. Now we are discussing the example of the Facebook feed video ad.

The Feed ads that look similar or alternative to the organic post are why they can be actually effective and they create the best, perfect and engaging intro for your Facebook video ads. You can grab the attention of the public or audience for your video ads on Facebook.

In-stream video ads of Facebook

Maybe you have seen it on YouTube. Now, Facebook has an in-stream video ad on a platform of Facebook. With the consumption on the rise with the video and it is not actually a surprise. Facebook is taking the opportunity for bringing more ad revenue.

Video ads of Facebook

The stories also show ads that a person wants to add. The stories show on Facebook as the Stories show on Instagram. The viewers are able to see these stories on their apps or mobile phones.

Marketplace video ads in Facebook

There is the last placement that you might be considered the video ads. The video ad that appears on the marketplace in Facebook app.

Requirements of video ads

If you want to find to create a video ad, then you should know the requirements of technical files.

There are five of the main requirements for a video ad;

  1. File type for video app
  2. Ratio
  3. Video duration for Facebook video ad
  4. Resolution of a file
  5. Maximum size of a file

File type for video app

It includes MP4, GIF file types, and MOV that are accepted for the ad placements


The size of video ad of Facebook varies by placement. The ratio of feed video add for desktop is about 1:1 and for mobile, the ratio is 4:5. The ratio of in-stream video ads is 16:9 or 1:1 and the ratio of stories video ads is about 9:16. The ratio of the marketplace is about 4:5.

Video duration for Facebook video ad

The duration of Facebook stories should be maximum of two minutes and the duration of feed and marketplace videos can be 4 hours. The in-stream video ads’ duration might be ten minutes long.

Maximum size of a file

The maximum size of a file is about 4 GB for the ad placements

Resolution of a file

The resolution might be 1080 * 1080 pixels for all of the ad placements.

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