5 Ways to Make English Learning More Engaging

5 Ways to Make English Learning More Engaging

so that students may interact with the question. There are many quizzes available on the Internet. However, we recommend creating one for your class and including the students’ names in the question. They adore appearing at the beginning of quiz programs!


Another alternative is to participate in a play together. Give each of the learners their roles to play in English. It would help them build confidence and make their English learning enjoyable as well. Record the play, listen to it, and correct the learner’s mistakes. You can build up a photography studio for your recordings as well.

Make it relevant to the learners

Oh, this is a tough one. Making things real can help bridge the gap between the English language’s (and literature’s) academic demands and its significance. So, what’s the catch? The first option is to go to the theater. Make a play, adapt the book, and have a school workshop.


If you don’t think you’ve got what it takes to be a stage producer, invite a theatre company to lead an interactive book discussion. Alternatively, encourage the learner to write fiction or nonfiction about something relevant to them. Make a day out of it by combining it with a visit to their favorite location.


Assist them in seeing how they can use the problematic grammar and positive words to communicate what matters to them. By doing small everyday talk using beneficial words, such as a list of positive words beginning with A, you can enhance the optimism in your mind.

Create a mystery

Adding a mystery factor to your English courses is one way to make it fun. Have you ever tried your hands at a murder mystery? Did you enjoy analyzing clues and locating keys to complete a puzzle? Everyone loves going on adventures. So why not include some boring but essential English language theory in your studies?


The only downside is that preparation may take time. If you’re short on time, you may hire a workshop firm to handle the event and focus on the interactions of individual learners. These workshops may help you mix history and English studies in a fun way.

Bring the course outside and get the students moving

Moving out of the classroom has become popular again, with many schools offering forest school and outdoor learning opportunities. Continue your journey through the urban jungle. Look for murals and other forms of street art. Take photographs for a fiction piece and write poetry on the spot. Make some audio recordings that you may later transcribe and evaluate in class.


If you have access to a forest, use it and attempt to write a fiction or nonfiction story. Demonstrate to your students how simple it is to be creative with the support of Mother Nature. Stop, listen, watch, and record. Enjoy the delicate strokes of air on your cheeks as the seasons change. Remember to pack a lunch since all that hard labor will make you hungry, and nothing beats a great picnic, even if it’s raining.

Participate in a game

Game-based learning is a common approach to making learning more enjoyable. You may turn your classroom into a workshop for students to create their games (they can start from scratch or adopt some well-known games). When creating a gaming tutorial, a tiresome nonfiction writing exercise generally works like a spoonful of sugar.


A game day is another option. They contain spelling, creative writing, conversations, and so on. Learning a language through games is an old favorite in English language class. You may locate all the pages with attractive games in the English lesson ideas by searching the Internet.

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