America, former judges fined crores for accepting bribes

America, former judges fined crores for accepting bribes

In America, 2 former judges have been ordered to pay a fine of 200 million dollars for taking bribes.
Two former judges in the US state of Pennsylvania, Mark Civarella and ex-Judge Michael Conahan, have been sentenced to pay $200 million to victims in the ‘Kids for Cash’ scandal.
According to foreign media reports, the court found that Pennsylvania judges had set up a scheme to send minors to prisons in exchange for bribes in their rulings.

Now these two judges have been ordered by the court to pay 200 million dollars to hundreds of victims of the worst judicial scandal in American history.
Agreeing to foreign media, these two judiciaries have already been discharged and sentenced, and in their results, these two judges also gave severe sentences to children up to the age of 8.

According to media reports, Mark Civarella and Michael Conahan were involved in a scheme to send minors to for-profit prisons in exchange for bribes, and received $2.8 million in illegal payments for the convictions.

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