World’s heaviest panda born

World’s heaviest panda born

In China, 16-year-old panda Cuicui, the world’s heaviest panda, was born.

According to a video shared on the Chinese media’s YouTube channel, the baby panda weighs 270.4 grams, while the previous record was held by a panda weighing 249 grams.

According to media reports, Kokoo is a very sensible and caring mother, her other children were also born with a weight of more than 200 grams.

In the comments of the YouTube video, users are giving mixed comments, with some welcoming the little panda while others criticizing it for being overweight.
“Welcome baby panda,” wrote one user while praying for the baby panda. Bring good luck, peace and prosperity in hard times. You bring abundance and harmony of food to you as well as to us.

One user thinks that pandas are already slow animals, now that they are born with obesity, they have to work harder and exercise more to stay fit.

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