Invented smart lenses that diagnose cancer from tears

Invented smart lenses that diagnose cancer from tears

Scientists have invented smart lenses that detect early-stage cancer by using chemicals in tears.

According to the report, the creation of these smart lenses could lead.

low-cost screening programs for the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases.

The technology captures transporters called exosomes, tiny bubbles found our blood, saliva, urine, tears, rich in proteins on their external.

some of which may be affected by cancer, viral infection, or injury.
These proteins can be effective in inhibiting the formation and spread of tumors in the human body. which is shining a ray of hope for more specific effective cancer treatment.
In this regard, the project leader of the American Institute for Biomedical Innovation, Professor Ali Khadim Hosseini, says that this lens can mark the exosomes in the human body and it can also diagnose the proteins that cause cancer on the surface of the exosomes. can.

The micro-chambers of this lens contain antibodies to which the exosomes attach.

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