Europe, gas price rises to record high

Europe, gas price rises to record high

Gas prices in Europe have reached a record level of 292 Euros per megawatt hour.

The increase in prices comes in view of a possible shortage of gas in Europe due to the closure.

the Nord Stream gas line by Russian gas company Gazprom from August 31 for maintenance.

Fears are being expressed in the market that this closure may extend beyond 3 days in the name of repair.
It should be noted that the gas coming from Russia is supplied to Europe’s largest economy, Germany, through this pipeline.

which not only threatens to reduce industrial production but also to keep the homes of European consumers warm in the coming winter.

It will be difficult to meet the energy needs of

Adding to this problem is the fact that this year Europe is experiencing extreme heat.

along with this, 660,000 hectares of forests have been burnt, resulting in a worsening of the climate balance.

In such a case, if there is a severe cold like a severe summer, more energy will be required to keep the houses warm.

Against this backdrop, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe has warned that Europe could face.

five to 10 winters because there is no immediate alternative to Russia’s energy shortages.

In this context, the top European leadership is contacting other countries that have natural energy

meet this shortage and discuss the purchase with them.

Another concern is that the shift in energy supply will lead to a reduction in supply to other countries.

in the world and further financial burden on their economies.

It is all this situation that is causing the energy prices to rise continuously.

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