Inexpensive and effective treatment of stress and depression with water

Inexpensive and effective treatment of stress and depression with water

Health experts have found cost-effective and effective treatments for stress and depression.

It has been scientifically confirmed that spending time near the sea, river, lake or water body helps a person to stay calm.

In this regard, Dr. Ricardo Gil da Costa says that surfing and swimming on the water relaxes the mind.

He further said that water reduces the intensity of noise, thereby providing emotional relief to the troubled.

the fatigued mind is relieved. On the other hand, doctors have also emphasized that the sweet sound of water soothes.

the hearing and refreshes happy memories. In addition, the positive effects of water increase brain power.

Another expert, Dr. Nichols, says that swimming pools, fountains and rivers in cities are also very soothing to the heart.

He added that taking a cold shower can also reduce stress, indicating that being close to water is quite healthy for humans.

Even looking at the water or listening to the sound of a waterfall on an HD video is soothing.
Similarly, Matthew White, a psychologist at the University of Vienna, says that looking at a small indoor.

fish house for 15 minutes can moderate a person’s heart rate and improve mood.

This is the reason why most hospitals have aquariums, he added.

It should be noted that in a study conducted earlier in 2019, it was found that spending 2 hours a week in natural places and nature has a great effect.

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