Why is Master Muhammed Krimanovich called the steel-handed?

Why is Master Muhammed Krimanovich called the steel-handed?

Bosnian-born German martial arts master Muhammed Kremanovic is known as the Iron Hand.

he smashes everything from coconuts to baseball bats with his hammer-like hands, he says. Even pensioners can break anything
Mohamed Kremanovic, 63, was born in Bosnia but moved to Germany with his family at an early age.

trained and mastered Tae Kwon Do from childhood, initially becoming an instructor.

However, his outstanding performance in this regard brought him international attention and fame and he set several incredible Guinness records for his exceptionally strong hands.
That is why he was called the real life Superman and Hammerhand. Recently, he set another world record by breaking the largest number of wooden baseball bats, which made Muhammed Kremanovic headline news.

Earlier, he made a record of breaking coconuts with one hand six times.

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