Bitsgap App Review

Bitsgap App Review

The Bitsgap app is a trading platform for cryptocurrency. It has many features that make it an excellent choice for traders of all skill levels. Bitsgap provides access to 25 different cryptocurrency exchanges, including the largest and most popular brokers like Binance. Moreover, it offers features like Binance Futures, which allows traders to hedge spot trades. Bitsgap also links directly to multiple exchanges, making it easy to execute trading strategies and use advanced bots. In addition, Bitsgap is free from government regulation, making it one of the most convenient exchanges for investors.
Bitsgap offers a free trial, and has paid plans for its users. Basic plan users have access to two active grid bots and ten DCA bots. Premium users can access five active grid bots and unlimited smart orders. They can even use Bitsgap’s 2FA feature to keep their accounts secure.
Bitsgap also offers a demo version that allows users to try out the trading bot before risking their real money. Users can download the Bitsgap app for free, and can connect their accounts with Google, Facebook, or a standard email address. Once verified, Bitsgap will take you to the main dashboard. From here, you can access all of the features and set up a trading bot.
Bitsgap offers three different subscription plans, starting at $19 for the Explorer package. Premium plans allow users to use Bitsgap for unlimited exchanges, while free plans allow users to connect to one exchange at a time. Users can also filter the signals by signal strength and raise percentage. Additionally, they can also view their portfolios at a glance, making it easy to make a decision without any prior research.
Bitsgap is a great place to learn how to trade cryptocurrency. Its demo account gives you access to five BTC of virtual currency, live market data, and a variety of trading bots. This account is an excellent learning tool and can help you determine which strategies are most effective for your day-to-day trading. Bitsgap offers a 14-day free trial, so you can experience how the platform works before risking your own money.
Another feature of Bitsgap is its smart trading terminal. It can set orders at various levels and automatically adjust them depending on the price. In addition, the app also offers a stop loss function, which automatically closes all positions when the price reaches the target level. This feature helps traders maximize profits by limiting the amount of losses.
One downside of Bitsgap is its price. Its premium features require paying a monthly fee, so you may want to pay more to use all of its features. However, the app does not offer a mobile version, which is a vital feature in a volatile market such as crypto. A better alternative is GoodCrypto, which offers iOS, Android, and Web versions of the app.

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