A Profile of Katie Moussouris Theverge

A Profile of Katie Moussouris Theverge

Katie Moussouris is a widely respected author and thought leader in the technology industry, specifically writing for the popular publication The Verge. She has a well-rounded and impressive professional background that makes her an ideal choice for many to learn from. In this profile we will discuss her education, career and various contributions in the tech space.

Education and Background

Katie Moussouris was born and raised in California, and from an early age was interested in the tech industry. For her collegiate studies, she attended the University of California, Los Angeles for her Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Technology.

After graduating in 1999, she began her career as a Software Engineer for IBM. She then continued to pursue an advanced degree and obtained her Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from the same school.

Career Overview

Moussouris began her professional career in engineering, writing code and building enterprise software. She then progressed to a leadership role, helping to define product roadmaps and executing on company objectives. After several successful years in the techy world, she began to gain exposure and wanted to spread a broader message through her writing.

This eventually led her to become an author and writing for The Verge, a publication specialized in all things related to technology.

Contributions to the Tech Space

Moussouris has been an outspoken advocate for various issues related to the tech space. She particularly is well-known for her advocacy for inclusivity and education. Moussouris lobbied for greater gender and racial diversity in the tech industry and regularly wrote about her experience in the industry for The Verge.

Professional Accomplishments

Throughout her professional career, Moussouris has achieved a number of professional accomplishments. She has won numerous awards and accolades including the 2019 Emerging Star Award from the Cloud Security Alliance, a global not-for-profit that specializes in cloud security. Additionally, she was featured in Fast Company as one of the most creative people in the business in 2019.

Future Outlook

As Moussouris continues to have a successful career and make contributions in the tech space, she aims to keep inspiring and educating the minds of future generations. She plans to use her writing platform to continue to touch on issues of inclusion and champion solutions for greater inclusivity in the tech industry.


Katie Moussouris has forged a remarkable career by demonstrating her expertise in IT security, risk management, and compliance. Her ability to bridge the gap between government and security, as well as her expansive knowledge and experience, make her an invaluable asset to companies and organizations around the world.

Her commitment to information security and to providing a unified, open platform for users sets her apart from the crowd, and she is certain to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and progress for years to come.

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