When Does American Animals Come Out?

American Animals is an intriguing crime drama film that has generated significant buzz among movie enthusiasts. Directed by Bart Layton, the film tells the true story of four college students who plan a heist at their university’s library. With its unique blend of documentary-style interviews and dramatic reenactments, American Animals offers a fresh take on the heist genre. As the release date approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to watch this captivating film. So, when does American Animals come out?

The Release Date

American Animals premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2018, where it received critical acclaim for its innovative storytelling and compelling performances. Following its successful festival run, the film was picked up for distribution by The Orchard and MoviePass Ventures. After a limited release in select theaters, American Animals is set to hit theaters nationwide on June 1, 2018.

The Plot

American Animals is based on the true story of a daring heist that took place in 2004 at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. The film follows four college students—Spencer Reinhard, Warren Lipka, Eric Borsuk, and Chas Allen—who become obsessed with the idea of stealing rare books from their university’s library.

Driven by a desire for adventure and a misguided sense of purpose, the group meticulously plans their heist, studying security systems and developing elaborate disguises. However, as their plan takes shape, doubts and conflicts arise among the friends, leading to an unexpected turn of events.

The Unique Approach

What sets American Animals apart from other crime dramas is its innovative approach to storytelling. Director Bart Layton incorporates documentary-style interviews with the real-life individuals involved in the heist, seamlessly blending them with dramatic reenactments featuring talented actors such as Evan Peters and Barry Keoghan.

This hybrid approach blurs the line between reality and fiction, allowing the audience to gain insight into the characters’ motivations and perspectives. By juxtaposing the interviews with the reenactments, Layton creates a thought-provoking narrative that challenges our perception of truth and memory.

The Cast and Crew

American Animals boasts a talented cast that brings the story to life with their exceptional performances. Evan Peters, known for his role as Quicksilver in the X-Men film series, portrays Warren Lipka, one of the masterminds behind the heist. Barry Keoghan, who gained recognition for his role in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, takes on the role of Spencer Reinhard.

The film is directed by Bart Layton, whose previous work includes the critically acclaimed documentary The Imposter. Layton’s expertise in blending fact and fiction shines through in American Animals, as he skillfully navigates the complex narrative and creates a captivating viewing experience.


American Animals is a must-see film that offers a fresh take on the heist genre. With its unique blend of documentary-style interviews and dramatic reenactments, this crime drama provides an engaging and thought-provoking narrative. As the release date approaches, fans of true crime stories and innovative filmmaking eagerly await the opportunity to witness this captivating tale unfold on the big screen. So mark your calendars for June 1, 2018, and prepare to be enthralled by American Animals.

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