8 Tips for Preventing Plumbing Problems While on Vacation

8 Tips for Preventing Plumbing Problems While on Vacation

Finally, the day to leave for a long vacation has come!

You might be so thrilled that you only think about what to put in your luggage and how well you spent the time on the beach. So much so, in fact, that you might forget to take the necessary precautions measures.

Don’t put your home at such a considerable risk, but instead, consider implementing some safety tips to prevent plumbing problems from happening. Have a look at our specially tailored recommendations below.

Turn off the main valve

This is either the lever or button that controls the entire property’s general water supply.

First of all, you should know where to find it. Then, turn it off and thus, you will prevent severe leaks no matter what happens. And, of course, this is how you will protect your entire property and all of your valuable personal belongings.

Turn off individual water valves

Not just the main one, but the individual water valves should be switched off when you are on vacation. In this case, we are talking about things such as the garden sprinkler.

Yes, we understand how hard it is to take care of a lawn and what a bad condition it can get if not being watered regularly, especially during the holiday season. However, getting flooded is pretty worse, isn’t it?

As a last resort, have a close friend or family member do the watering when needed, but they will also have to turn off the valve when they’re done.

Check and fix small leaks

We also understand your rush to have a break. However, you know what they say, do the work first and only then get to the fun side of things. If you have any unrepaired or unaddressed leaks, better don’t go anywhere until you’ve resolved them.

But why reschedule your vacation when you call the local plumber for a couple of hours a day or two before your departure? The technician has the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to cope with the leaking issues and any other small fixes in no time.

Test your sump pump

In the UK, it’s a must to have such a device in your home. Without it, your home is exposed to the possibility of severe water damage, especially if outside it’s raining cats and dogs.

Thankfully, with this helpful item, you can be safe and dry, as it will safeguard your property against flooding.

We don’t know why, but some people tend to turn off absolutely anything at home before leaving for somewhere.

This is totally wrong, for although you should turn off the water supply and all the lamps in the property, you must do so for the sump pump. Otherwise, you can imagine what a bad surprise you might receive in your home in case of nasty rainy days during our absence.

Drain the water lines

If you’ve ever left a pan full of leftovers in the sink overnight or forgotten to remove a trash bag filled with rotting food, you know how unpleasant and rotten the smell can be and how quickly it can spread throughout your entire home.

That’s why, before you leave, make sure to inspect all your drains to ensure they are clear of any blockages or debris. Run water through your garbage disposal for some time to ensure nothing stuck inside could create a foul odour.

If you notice a blockage, it’s better to address it immediately rather than wait until later.

Remove clogs in drains

Similarly to the leaks, the clogs need to be eliminated, too. Before going away from your home, it is a truly bad idea to leave it without performing thorough maintenance and cleaning in areas which need your attention.

When there are clogs inside the drains, you can expect many accidents, damage and unpleasant surprises upon your arrival.

Please, be prudent in this security measure and check out absolutely all the clogs inside your property. Don’t miss even a single one, as it might cost you a lot of money.

Set your water heater

You won’t save too much cash if you fully turn off the heating at home.

For some reason, many people do so and eventually come into a very spooky dark, cold and not welcoming living space. After an amazing vacation, our own houses don’t look so fantastic upon our arrival, so why make it even worse?

The same goes for the water heater. After a long trip, everyone would want to have a refreshing shower or remove that leftover sand from the skin. So don’t turn off the water heater, just lower it a bit. It’s completely enough to do your money-saving plan.

Get a neighbour to check in

Devices break, and no matter how modern they are, we cannot fully trust the machines. It’s always better to have a living human who can give us a hand for help.

When you go on a vacation, this person could be your own neighbour. We strongly recommend you politely ask him for this favour – to check your property for damage, robbery and other risks.

Besides, it’s always more peaceful to know someone’s looking out for your home while you are somewhere else, having fun. This is how you will not spoil your holiday with any pointless concerns about your property safety.

Lastly, if you have some extra time before going away, you can also upgrade your locks, just as an extra security measure.


Last but not least, don’t panic immediately if something goes wrong in your home while you are away. No matter the issue with your plumbing system, there’s a way to fix it as quickly as possible.

These days many service companies work 24/7 or at least have a specially tailored emergency department. You can rely on your local plumbing company if, when coming back home, there’s a flood, leak or something else wrong.

Our last tip is to find their phone number in advance – just to have it at hand. The rest is the expert team’s job, so you shouldn’t worry about the damage at all.