Why is Amy no longer on the Dead Files

Why is Amy no longer on the Dead Files

“The Dead Files” has long been a staple in the realm of paranormal investigation television, captivating audiences with its unique blend of psychic abilities and traditional investigative techniques. One integral part of the show was Amy Allan, a gifted psychic medium whose collaboration with retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi formed the core of the series. However, fans were left bewildered when news broke that Amy Allan was no longer part of “The Dead Files.” In this article, we delve into the mysterious departure of Amy Allan and explore the various factors that might have contributed to this unexpected turn of events.

The Rise of “The Dead Files”:

“The Dead Files” premiered in 2011 on the Travel Channel and quickly gained a dedicated fan base. The show follows the dynamic duo of Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi as they investigate haunted locations, attempting to uncover the truth behind paranormal occurrences. Amy, with her psychic abilities, provides a unique perspective, while Steve brings a methodical and investigative approach to the table. Their collaboration was considered the heart of the show, making it a standout in the paranormal TV genre.

The Amy Allan Phenomenon:

Amy Allan’s abilities as a psychic medium set her apart in the world of paranormal investigation. She claimed to communicate with the dead and receive visions that helped her understand the history and trauma associated with a particular location. Her readings often left both the audience and her investigative partner, Steve, astonished. The chemistry between Amy’s metaphysical insights and Steve’s detective skills made for compelling television, establishing “The Dead Files” as a must-watch for paranormal enthusiasts.

The Shocking Departure:

In 2020, fans were taken aback when it was announced that Amy Allan would no longer be part of “The Dead Files.” The news was sudden and unexpected, leaving viewers with numerous questions. The producers and network were tight-lipped about the reasons behind Amy’s departure, fueling speculation and rumors among fans.

Contractual and Professional Differences:

One of the most common reasons for departures in the entertainment industry revolves around contractual and professional differences. While neither Amy Allan nor the producers have publicly disclosed the exact reasons for her exit, it’s not uncommon for disagreements over contracts, creative direction, or professional dynamics to lead to such decisions. These issues, if not resolved amicably, can result in the sudden departure of a key cast member.

Burnout and Personal Strain:

The demanding nature of paranormal investigations, coupled with the emotional toll of connecting with the spiritual realm, may have contributed to Amy Allan’s departure. Burnout is a prevalent issue in high-stress professions, and the emotional strain of constantly delving into the dark and mysterious aspects of haunted locations may have taken a toll on her well-being. Personal reasons, such as the need for a break or a desire to explore new opportunities, could also factor into her decision.

Evolution of the Show:

“The Dead Files” has undergone various changes throughout its run, including shifts in the format and style of investigations. As the show evolved, differences in vision or creative direction may have emerged between Amy Allan and the producers. A desire for change, whether on the part of the network or the talent, can lead to significant alterations in the show’s dynamic, sometimes resulting in the departure of key personnel.

The Impact on the Show:

Amy Allan’s absence undoubtedly left a void in “The Dead Files.” Fans, accustomed to the unique synergy between Amy and Steve, were curious about how the show would continue without her psychic insights. Producers eventually introduced new psychics to collaborate with Steve, but the transition was met with mixed reviews. The chemistry that had made the show a success was altered, and some long-time viewers expressed their disappointment with the changes.

Amy Allan’s Post-Dead Files Journey:

Following her departure from “The Dead Files,” Amy Allan has maintained a relatively low profile. While she continues to interact with fans through social media, her professional endeavors have not been as prominently featured. It remains to be seen whether Amy will re-enter the paranormal television landscape or explore different avenues in her career.


The departure of Amy Allan from “The Dead Files” remains a mystery shrouded in speculation and intrigue. Whether driven by contractual disagreements, burnout, or a desire for personal growth, her exit marked a significant turning point for the show. As fans continue to reminisce about the captivating investigations led by Amy and Steve, the legacy of “The Dead Files” endures, leaving an indelible mark on the world of paranormal television.